[Insert Generic Coffee Shop Here]

Coffee shops are the de-facto writers’ paradise. Espresso to keep one going, and plenty of ambient noise to make sure you don’t get too distracted from the work that you’re doing on your computer (or maybe you’re old-school and write with a pen and paper?)

My go-to spot is usually a Starbucks; I have enough rewards points on my Starbucks card to be considered one of their “Gold” tier members. Here’s the thing about me though: Even though I go there for the drinks, I don’t go there for the ambient noise. No, as far as I’m concerned, noise-cancelling earphones and the god-tier music composed by Hiroyuki Sawano is more than enough to drive my writing engine.

I remember in November 2015 when I was sitting in a coffee shop, not too dissimilar to Starbucks; writing away at my novel. Sitting in a coffee shop, fueled by espresso shots and a burning desire to do better… Fracture Point was born. I’ll write another blog post about how that book came to be, and the thought process behind it all: So expect that sooner or later.

Until next time, drink coffee, and live well! I’m not kidding, here’s some news that suggests that coffee drinkers might live longer and healthier lives.

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