Of the Nature of Stories

I’ve often wondered why stories exist.

Some of the reasons are obvious: oral tradition allowed cultures that had no written language to pass on knowledge and experiences down to future generations. There is, of course, the hero’s journey. A tried and verified phenomenon that repeats itself over many epochs and stories throughout history. But that still doesn’t explain why stories exist. Only that they follow a set pattern of tropes.

Now here’s my opinion on the matter (and I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there better than I who’ve given their opinion on it as well, but this is my blog, so, I guess you get to put up with what I think): Stories, at their core, are meant to evoke emotion. From the stories that were told at the campfire to scare one another, or the ones that are told at motivational conferences to inspire, or even the ones that are told with moving pictures to evoke emotional responses.

Stories, at their core, are tools that are used not only to transfer information, lessons, ideas, and rules from one generation to another; they are also conduits to transport minds to different times and to force people to think outside of their metaphorical boxes without it being seemed forced, if that makes sense.

We are all the main characters of our own stories. Our lives are stories that are being written perpetually. Some of them have happy endings, others not so much so. I often wonder if before coming into this world my spirit was asked by some higher being if this is the kind of life I wanted. If I wanted to suffer, if I wanted happiness, if – in fact – it was all predestined the moment I signed that cosmic contract with that higher being before even coming into this world. One thing I know for sure: If we are the main characters of our own stories, and if we are the architects of our lives and our destinies. If, by some chance, nothing is predestined: does that mean we get to decide ourselves? Or would that simply mean that it was predestined for us to think that way and move towards a better tomorrow? I can’t answer that question, if I could I would.

One thing I know for sure though: If I’m the main character of my own life’s story, then I’d better start acting like it.

I’ll see you all in the next post, dear readers.

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