#SixWordStory (Expanded)

So, I saw this #tag trending (see tweet above), decided to participate. Now that the 6-word story is written, I was wondering if I should expand on it, maybe. I’ll be honest: Even I’m curious about who “she” is, and what she’s “defying”. Aren’t you? I hope you are because I’m about to write a short story! Hopefully, you like it. Since this short story is going to be on here with little to no editing. It’s essentially a first & final draft.



“No more.” She walked off defiantly.

“Oh come now!” her friend issued as she ran up behind her to try and catch up to her, “It’s not that bad! C’mon Alex!”

“N- not that bad!?” Alex stopped in her tracks, turning around to face her friend, who’d closed the gap in between them so quickly even Alex had been surprised. “Karen, my f**king wrist is bleeding!”

“Okay, so… maybe it got a bit out of hand. This one time.” Karen took out bandages from her purse as she tended to her friend. “The knife just… slipped. I’m sorry, alright?” Karen apologized.

“We’ve been doing this long enough to know that that’s not what happened.” Alex issued somberly, tears welling up in her eye as she looked at her wrist. “It’s been what… seven days? Yeah, it has!” She answered her own question.

“I-” Karen felt uncomfortable; she knew what Alex was talking about, she just didn’t want to admit that it could even be fathomable.

“You know I’m right!”

“It’s not possible,” Karen replied, her heart pounding as she fastened the bandage on her best friend’s arm, “It’s a game. It’s sold at stores marketed as a kids game! So… whatever this-” she stared at her friend’s bandaged arm, “is… it’s not that.

“You can’t even say it, can you?” Alex looked into her friend’s hazel eyes.

“Say what?” Karen averted her eyes.

“That we did something wrong.” Alex glared daggers at her friend, “That we let something into our lives that was never human to begin with. I can’t even stay in our dorm room anymore. We’re out here on the goddamned sidewalk in the middle of the night!” I raised my voice, gripping my friend by her shoulders, “At least admit what we did was not right.”

“No.” Karen averted her eyes, not saying anything else.

“…you still think that that thing is your grandfather?” Alex asked, tears now streaming down the side of her face, “it’s not. I knew Herbert, alright? Herbert was not mean, nor was he vindictive. This thing – whatever it is – is not your grandfather; I’m telling you right now: it was never human to begin with!”

“Herbert’s spirit is troubled, alright?” Karen responded calmly, “Look… the thing with the knife was an accident. I was just trying to-”

“To what? Sacrifice a living being on top of the Ouija board because Herbert told you so!?” Alex’s heart was racing.

“Listen, you were there, right? It said it needed b-l-o-o-d.” Karen spelled it out for Alex, “Now obviously, grandpa’s spirit didn’t ask for human blood… so…”

“But – when the knife slipped, you cut my wrist.”

“It was an accident! I was-”

Alex raised her hand to shush her friend, “Accident or not, the end result was that the blood on the Ouija board wasn’t that of a rabbit. It. was. mine.”

“…yeah.” Karen nodded, breathing a deep sigh of despair. “I know.”

“Look,” Alex began anew, “I’ll go back into your room, I’ll put my hand on the blood-soaked planchette and…” her hands trembled as her gaze looked upon the bandaged wrist, “and we’ll finish this. Alright?”

Karen nodded, “Right.”

As the clock struck 2:00 AM, Karen sat down on her dorm room floor, with her best friend. The blood-stained ouija board lay on the floor, untouched and unmoved since Alex had decided to walk out in the middle of their last session. Alex took her seat beside her best friend, resting her hand again on the planchette. The rabbit that was scheduled to be sacrificed was nowhere to be found: the most likely scenario was that it’d hopped out of the room when Alex had burst open the door and run away (bleeding all over the floor in the hallway in the process) without a second thought, or any kind of warning.

“Grandpa, are you still there?”

“I still think this is a bad-” Alex gasped as she felt fire go down her back. “Ah…” her body trembled as the sharp, stabbing, and burning pain on her back dragged down. “I- it’s back…” she looked at her best friend. “It’s scratching my back again Karen, we should sto-” Alex stopped talking. Karen had turned pale, her breathing was labored. “Karen!?” Her fingers were still planted firmly on the Planchette. “Answer me, are you okay!?”

Before Alex had realized what had transpired, she felt a searing pain in her abdomen; the moment she tried to speak, she coughed up blood. She looked her hand, something was holding it down against the planchette, right next to her best friend’s fingers. Her head looked down at the source of the pain: Her best friend had grabbed the knife that they were going to use to sacrifice the rabbit and had plunged it into her without hesitation. Alex tried to speak but coughed up even more blood. She knew she was losing blood, but couldn’t move her fingers off the Planchette.

“Herbert wants blood.” Karen issued in a deep voice which was very much unlike her. “Herbert. Herbert. Herbert.” Karen’s body started to tremble as she fell over on the floor, “Her… bert…” she issued, her body tensing even further, her nails dragging against her dorm room floor leaving white marks, “her… blood.” Karen let out a yelp, her hands covered in her best friend’s blood as the realization dawned upon her: The thing that was in the room with them wasn’t her grandfather. It had never been her grandfather. It had lulled her into a false sense of security over the last week or so… every night, she’d use the Ouija board to contact it with her roommate and best friend, and it would pretend to be her grandfather. Alex had seen the writing on the wall, but Karen had been in deep denial about the entire situation… She was the one who was responsible for dragging Alex into the situation, convincing her that it was only a game. Now, both of them were paralyzed by some unseen force, both their fingers glued to the planchette and her best friend bleeding out as the knife sticking out of her abdomen. “God, help me.” she issued meekly. Karen didn’t know how much time had passed. She couldn’t even turn her head – her body was still paralyzed, and her finger was still glued to the Planchette. She felt tears streaming down the side of her head. Alex had stopped breathing a while ago, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Karen cried, still unable to move her body.

“There is no God here, sweetie.” a voice in the back of Karen’s head issued loudly, making her cry out in fright, her body unable to react due to the paralysis. She could, however, feel something wet make contact against her skin. Her eyes widened in shock and despair as she realized that she was laying in a pool of her roommate’s blood, still unable to move a muscle.

Karen didn’t know how much time had passed. She couldn’t even turn her head – her body was still paralyzed, and her finger was still glued to the Planchette – She felt tears streaming down the side of her head. Alex had stopped breathing a while ago, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Karen cried, still unable to move her body.

By the time Karen was able to move her fingers away from the Planchette, the clock had struck 3:00 AM. The floor was covered in her friends’ blood, and her clothes and hair were soaked in it as well. She felt numb as she stared at the cold dead body of her best friend.

“I did this.” Karen issued, looking down at her hands covered in dried and crusted blood. “I killed her. I need to call 911… I need to turn myself in. I-”

“Yes, you did. No, you don’t.” the dark voice issued once again the back of her head, making her jump and gasp in fright.

“Did I?” she asked herself, just standing in the pool of blood on the floor, looking down at the Ouija board. “But, I didn’t want to.” She said in a placid voice.

“Oh, but you did. You said you wanted her blood.”

“Herbert!” Karen cried, hyperventilating. “I said I wanted Herbert!” she explained.

“Her. Blood.” the voice growled in the back of her mind.

“Get out of my head!”

“Oh sweetie, I don’t think so.” Karen’s vision blurred as everything around her faded to black, “It’s my head now.” were the last words she heard before her consciousness surrendered itself to the dark entity residing within her permanently.



I know the pacing for the story is a bit off. But hey, I wasn’t trying to write a novel, it’s a short story. Hopefully, you like it. If you’d rather read a novel (that’s a lot better written, professionally edited, and much better-paced than this), I can easily recommend my book: Fracture Point.

Featured image credit: drakenstopher

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