On old-school marketing and hustling

So, as the end of this month draws closer, it’s time for me to start to focus my energies on the launch of my book. That is not to say that I haven’t been focused on it, it’s just as the 31st gets closer I’ve had to focus my efforts on somewhat old-school ways of advertising and spreading awareness.

So, in the spirit of old-school, check out these post cards I had printed up for the book promotion via Vistaprint:


Designed it myself, with a little help from the default-templates they have on the website. Designed the customized QR code on the back of the card from QR Code Generator: They’re the ones who helped me design it in a way where the Heartblaze LLC logo could be featured in the center.

One of the things – and I’ve said this before, but I’ll reiterate – Getting the book that you have production/publication ready is one thing. Getting it out there for people to know about is an entirely different deal! Marketing/Advertising costs $$$, and yes, I know there are people out there who’ll tell you that you can go at it yourself, and be successful – but unless you already have a fan following, or a 100k Twitter followers, it’s a lot harder to go at it on your own than people will say.

Always easier said than done.

Anyway, expect a blog post about how I’m going to be going about marketing the book digitally in the near future.



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