On patience

Everyone thinks that once something happens they’ll be successful. Once I get that amazing job, I’ll be rich. Once I publish my book, I’ll be super famous and successful. Thing is, it doesn’t work like that. Patience is key, I think. Patience to let your ideas play out – and that’s another thing – sometimes the things that you thought would make you the most money, don’t pan out. Not because they’re bad things, but rather because people don’t know about it.

So, have patience. Let things play out. Course-correct often, to make sure you’re still on track to reach your goals… and eventually, you’ll get there. The road to becoming a published author wasn’t exactly easy for me, but it was something I was passionate about. I worked hard (still am) and got it done.

It’s not easy to be patient. I get that. Especially here in the west, we’re accustomed to getting everything almost instantly. From food to our television programming. But patience is called a virtue for a reason. So, take a breath. Appreciate what you have right now… and keep working. Slowly but surely, it’ll work out in the end.

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