2018, Day 1

So, the new year is finally here! I made it. I’m still sitting in a coffee shop, re-writing the draft for book 2 of the Fracture Point series for the 5th time. It seems i’m suck in a sort of loop. In fact, that’s what i’m calling my condition: Writer’s Loop. It’s not a block. It’s a loop. As in, i’ll write a story, and it’ll be OK. Then, out of nowhere, I’ll think it’s s**t, and scrap 70% of it and start again from the 30% mark. I’ve done this 5 times… hopefully, this time, I’ll get it write. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a happy and pleasant new year! If you live in the USA (and are legally allowed to vote), don’t forget to register to vote! Remember, the congressional elections are coming up this year in November. You an find out more by going here.

As for me, I’ll – of course – be writing even more. As for my new year’s resolution: I’ve decided I want to learn basic (conversational) Spanish. That’s my goal for the next 12 months, other than writing, and maintaining a full-time job on the side (because let’s face it, writing is the thing we’d all love to be doing full-time).

Anyway, enough about me. I would love to hear from you: how was new years for you? Did you go out and party all night long? Or did you stay in and spend it with family eating good food and waiting until the clock struck midnight? It’s a new year, everyone. And while the celebrating is excellent, it’s time to get back to work and improve our lives one day at a time!

Also, I know i’m a bit late about this, but: Merry (late) Christmas – or – Happy Holidays!


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